Tuesday 27 April 2010


I don't know if anyone cares or even keeps an eye on this but it has been quiet here as work hasn't been :-/

I have ripped the 2005 Barfly and 2006 Harlequin shows into FLAC and they will be added to those posts soon. I have also sourced more bootlegs thanks to the fantastic Ian (pints on me for a while, as he pointed when he gave me the CDs). I have just finished sorting out the tracklists for these so need to rip to FLAC, convert to MP3 and upload both to MediaFire. I have not listened to all of these yet but the list of shows I now have is:

1. Northampton 4/11/2000
2. LA2 12/12/2000
3. Tunbridge Wells Forum - 19/01/2001
4. Totalfest Kings Head Fulham 24/02/2001
5. Ozzfest, Milton Keynes Bowl 26/05/2001 (FM Broadcast and Audience recording)
6. Camden Barfly 20/08/2001
7. Tunbridge Wells Forum - 07/09/2001
8. One Live In Birmingham, Digbeth Irish Centre 30/10/2001
9. Manchester University 28/01/2002
10. Mean Fiddler 31/01/2002
11. Manchester Roadhouse 10/06/2002
12. Barfly 12/06/2002(Incomplete)
13. Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street, London 05/08/2002
14. Reading Festival 25/08/2002 (FM Broadcast and Audience recording)
15. Concorde 2, Brighton 26/10/2002
16. Manchester University 27/10/2002
17. Glasgow Garage 29/10/2002
18. Astoria, London 01/11/2002
19. Liverpool University 24/01/2003
20. London Astoria 02/03/2003
21. Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth 09/02/2003
22. Tunbridge Wells Forum 08/02/2003
23. Barfly, London, 01/06/2005
24. Guilfest 16/07/2005
25. Harlequin, Redhill - 22/10/2005
26. Camden Barfly 20/12/2006
27. Camden Barfly 21/10/2008
28. BBC Sessions (Feb 2000, December 2000, May 2002) and one Demo

That is actually a long list. I'll get them up soon but also working on a cover for use in iTunes etc that will be standard except for the show date and venue along with setlist. I also have some video files that I haven't got around to looking at as I have been trying to source better quality versions.

Later days,

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Live At The Underworld October 8th 2007

This is the London show from just after the release of "Before The Sea Was Built" and (a year or so) before the band announced they were splitting up. The quality is not amazing but it is ripped from some YouTube videos (see below). I am trying to source the video files from the people who filmed the show to get better audio quality but no word from them yet.
  1. Everything Changes
  2. Hate Song
  3. Dignity Stripper
  4. Before The Sea Was Built
  5. Superscud
  6. Mishima
  7. Too Drunk To Give A Fuck
  8. How Much Can A Man Take
  9. Last Comet From Nothingness
  10. Welcome To Shitsville
  11. Jump Ship
  12. Spitting Blood
  13. Who Will Guard The Guards?
  14. Knives And Faces
  15. Fuck The Voodooman
  16. High Whore
Download from here.

The YouTube videos can be found here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Live In Corby August 8th 2003

This is from one of Speedhorn's hometown shows. Due to electrical problems they barely make it through a single song. One track is just ten minutes of chat and messing around on stage.

  1. Kinves And Faces
  2. Welcome To Shitsville
  3. Intermission
  4. Oh How The Great Have Fallen
  5. High Whore
  6. Fuck The Voodooman
  7. Iron Cobra
  8. Heartbreaker
  9. Scrapin' The Resin
  10. Superscud
Download here.

Live At The Harlequin October 21st 2006

From before the release of Before The Sea Was Built and includes rough versions of tracks from that album.

  1. Knives And Faces
  2. Born To Twist The Knife
  3. Welcome To Shitsville
  4. How Much Can A Man Take
  5. Redweed
  6. Too Drunk To Give A Fuck
  7. Dead Man Walking
  8. Fuck The Voodoo Man
  9. Who Will Guard The Guards?
Download here.

Live At The Camden Barfly June 1st 2005

This is from Bloody Kev's 6th ever show.

  1. A Different Shade Of Shit
  2. Welcome To Shitsville
  3. How Much Can A Man Take
  4. Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
  5. Oh How The Great Have Fallen
  6. Superscud
  7. Redweed
  8. Fuck The Voodooman
  9. Master Of Disaster
  10. Dead Man Walking
  11. Knives And Faces
  12. The Infidel Is Dead
  13. Scrapin' The Resin
  14. The Hate Song
  15. High Whore (Full Outro)
Download here.